5 Tips When Renting a Mobile Kitchen Trailer

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Are you planning to rent a mobile kitchen trailer for an upcoming spring or summer event? Whether you are renting for a brief period or plan to use the unit for several months, there are important decisions you need to make. Get the right mobile kitchen trailer for your needs, as well as a lease plan that fits your budget.

Here are 5 of the best tips to consider when renting a mobile kitchen trailer:

  1. Plan Ahead

It always helps to have a plan before committing to an investment like a mobile kitchen trailer rental. Have an overall budget in mind and set aside the funds for the rental. Know how long you intend to rent the trailer—keeping in mind delivery times, set up, tear down, and other steps involved in the process. The more prepared you are, the more successful your mobile kitchen trailer rental experience will be.

  1. Reserve in Advance

The sooner you can get your mobile kitchen trailer reserved, the better. This is especially true if you are getting a customized unit. All mobile kitchen trailers at Mobile Kitchens USA are fully customized to meet the needs and requests of our customers. Give yourself time to get your trailer completely customized exactly the way you want it for your event, catering business or mobile foodservice plans. 

  1. Customize Your Trailer

There are many factors that can go into customizing a mobile kitchen trailer. First, you have to pick the right type of temporary kitchen unit and size. Then, you can start customizing the kitchen design. One good tip is to figure out your menu first. Keeping your menu somewhat simpler will also help you get more out of a mobile kitchen trailer rental. Figure out which appliances and other features you will need inside the trailer, as well as outside. 

  1. Get Accurate Quotes

It never hurts to get multiple quotes from different mobile kitchen trailer manufacturers. Different companies may offer different levels of customization and some may have more limited product offerings, especially for rentals as compared to purchased units. Our team at Mobile Kitchens USA will be glad to provide you with a custom quote and answer any questions you have about the process. We offer customized mobile kitchen trailer rentals. We can help you determine what you need and figure out the lease plan that best suits your budget.

  1. Train Your Kitchen Staff

Working in a mobile kitchen trailer can be a different experience, especially for chefs and servers who are used to a more traditional brick-and-mortar restaurant setting. Your mobile kitchen trailer will be set up the best it can be based on your requirements. Sometimes, there is still a bit of a learning curve. You may want to rent your unit for an extra day to give your kitchen staff some extra training time. Or, work with the Mobile Kitchen USA team to be as prepared as possible for when your mobile kitchen trailer arrives. 

To learn more about mobile kitchen trailer rentals from Mobile Kitchens USA, please contact us today!

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