Beyond Mobile Kitchens: The Full Capacities of Mobile Kitchens USA

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Indeed, Mobile Kitchens USA is best known for our mobile kitchen trailers. It is in our name, after all. However, there is so much more to our services than that. We offer a large variety of mobile solutions to accommodate many service needs.

Modular & Skid Kitchens

Perhaps you need a kitchen unit but don’t necessarily need the mobility of a trailer. We offer modular kitchen units and skid kitchens that can be customized with all the appliances, storage space and counter space you require.

Tent Kitchens

A more affordable kitchen option for special outdoor events and seasonal uses, our tented kitchens can be a great solution for your business.

Food Prep Units

You don’t always need a full kitchen, but we can custom-design a food preparation unit that offers all the space you need to prep and serve your customers.

Refrigeration Trailers

Keep drinks cool and store your perishable items for your on-the-go business with one of our refrigeration trailers.

Freezer Trailers

Like our refrigeration trailers, we can provide freezer units for long-term storage and mobile delivery.


What would a mobile kitchen be without dishwashing. We have top-notch modular dishwashers we can install in your mobile kitchen trailer or we can customize a unit specifically for dishwashing. These are ideal complements for any catering business.

Mobile Restroom Trailers

If you are hosting an outdoor affair like a sporting event, concert, wedding, carnival or party, mobile restroom trailers from Mobile Kitchens USA are an excellent option to consider over old port-a-potties. They are clean, comfortable and climate controlled. They have private stalls and urinals that are fully plumbed, along with sinks, soap and running water for a more sanitary solution to your restroom needs.

Mobile Showers

We can install showers in our mobile restroom trailers or set up a custom shower unit for backstage use, bridal party preparation at a wedding, disaster relief or construction site clean-up.

Custom Manufacturing

Whatever kind of mobile trailer or modular unit you can dream up, we can make it happen. Just let us know what you need for your business or special event and we’ll come up with the ideal solutions.

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